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Dentistry has made many advances in recent years, the most prominent being the emergence of dental laser technology. 

Laser dentistry is the minimally invasive alternative to traditional procedures involving uncomfortable and stressful cut-and-sew techniques. Safe for children and adults alike, our laser dentistry services can effectively restore health to your smile with us never (or rarely) needing to use traditional dental tools like scalpels and drills. If you are looking for a quiet, safe, and virtually pain-free dental experience, laser dentistry is your answer. We proudly use the BIOLASE® WaterLase® laser, one of the most advanced dental lasers in the industry that we use to perform a variety of hard and soft tissue treatments.

  • Biolase 480 Minimally Invasive Technology video

Virtually Pain-Free Techniques

For patients who experience dental anxiety, laser dentistry has proven to be an effective alternative. Dental lasers eliminate many of the sights and sounds that create a stressful environment for our fearful patients. Best of all, dental lasers are so gentle, treatment is virtually painless, and patients rarely require any additional sedation to feel comfortable during their procedure. We are thoroughly trained in advanced laser dentistry techniques and are excited to be able to offer this minimally invasive solution for our Cuyahoga Falls, OH patients! If your anxiety is keeping you from visiting the dentist or you are simply looking for a more efficient and effective option, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us today.

The frenulum is the small piece of tissue that restricts the movement of the upper lip and the tongue. Too much restriction leads to lip-tie or tongue-tie, affecting the ability to eat and speak. A laser frenectomy gently removes the frenulum so that proper movement of the upper lip and tongue are established.

Excessive gum tissue covering the teeth gives the appearance of a “gummy” smile and short, unattractive teeth. A laser gingivectomy removes excess and reshapes the gum tissue to arc symmetrically over each tooth. This reestablishes a proper tooth-to-gum ratio and a better overall appearance of the smile.

Dental implants on rare occasions can suffer from peri-implantitis, an infection around the gums and implant post like gum disease. Peri-implantitis is a result of bacterial-releasing plaque buildup around the implant. Laser peri-implantitis eradicates bacteria, plaque and tartar build-up, and removes diseased tissue.

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