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Your Home for Comprehensive Dentistry

With families of our own, we know the importance of finding a dentist who creates a family-centric office atmosphere. We take pride in being the home for comprehensive dentistry for many individuals and families in the Cuyahoga Falls, OH area, and welcome patients of all ages to receive all their dentistry needs in a single office location. We’re here to help you and your family establish and maintain great oral health through our personalized, all-inclusive dental services. From general dentistry to dental implants and laser therapy, we have the treatments and experience you need to keep your oral and overall health on track!

Our Comprehensive Services

Services that keep teeth healthy to prevent problems like tooth decay, teeth grinding, and gum disease. We provide routine hygiene cleanings, x-rays, fluoride and sealants, and oral cancer screenings.

A comprehensive examination of the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, cheeks, upper throat, and lips. Oral pathologies check for abnormalities of the skin’s texture and color, and unusual growths, lesions, ulcers, or tumors in the mouth.

Altering the shape and surface of teeth to restore an even bite when the teeth come together. Teeth that fit properly together reduce the risk for grinding and clenching as a result of crooked or misaligned teeth.

Custom mouthguards that provide a barrier between teeth so they cannot touch, while improving jaw alignment and muscle tension. Bruxism treatment can help reduce the risk for TMJ disorder developing as a result of chronic grinding and clenching.

Anterior deprogrammer device worn like a mouthguard that only allows front teeth to touch so jaw joints, teeth, and muscles can relax. Keeping teeth separated helps reset the normal position of the jaw, keeps muscles stress-free, and protects teeth.

Removal of infected tooth pulp within the tooth and replacing the canal with a filling material. Treated teeth properly capped with a dental crown can remain strong and functional even after infection occurs.

Removal of teeth that are severely decayed, fractured, diseased, or as part of orthodontic treatment. Extracted teeth can be replaced with dental bridges or permanent dental implants to restore function and aesthetics.

Removable prosthetics that replace an entire arch of missing or failing teeth. Dentures can improve adequate biting and chewing function and are custom fit to the mouth.

Why Patients Choose Us

Patients First

We run a patient-centric practice and center our care around each of our patients. We strive to diagnose and treat your unique needs, understand your smile goals, and ensure your comfort and safety.

Biologic Treatment

As much as possible, we provide the most natural and conservative treatment methods. From low-radiation x-rays to the types of materials we use, we focus on a biologic approach to dentistry.

Lifelong Results

We believe in the connection between oral and systemic health. In all cases, our goal is to improve your oral health in a way that also improves your overall health. This whole-body approach helps our patients maintain lifelong health.

Welcome to your new dental home!